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Casual Meeting

Advice Process

A client once said "I am more nervous for this appointment than when I  see my dentist"  This made us realise that seeking advice can be scary because no one knows what to expect.  We explain with you the advice process so you can know what to expect when you first meet with us.

Initial Consultation

Think of this as a meet and greet.  You are meeting with us to see if you want to work with us and we are meeting with you to see if we can help you.  We also cover the cost of this meeting to allow everyone to get to know each other.    We may also collect some of your data and agree to next steps.

Our one off advice fees begin at $3500 and are charged based on complexity and work required.

Client engagement

This is where we seek your permission to begin to work with you.  We send you a document which outlines the areas of advice we are focusing on and associated cost.  If we have not already we may ask for more information and statements of assets and liabilities to confirm we have the correct information.  We may request signatures as we seek your permission and to allow us to ask question about your exiting product.  Nothing changes at this point.


This is when we start to work hard for you.  We compare your existing situation including products, assets and liabilities and  the goals you have outlined for us and we start to build a strategy to assist you to achieve your goals.   We often run a number of comparisons and analysis to make sure we have the best out come for you.

This is the most time consuming part of the process.


This is when we present to you our research and recommendation.  We provide you with a document called a Statement of Advice.  This document outlines the recommendation and the risk and benefits.  It also includes the cost, projections and some of our research.  We like to work collaboratively with our clients so your feedback is welcome and encouraged.  Once we have agreed to the recommendations we ask you to sign to give us permission to make the changes. 


Back to work for us.  This is where we send all of the forms and documents required to support the recommendations made.  If you are changing or applying for new insurance you may have to answer medical questions or see a Dr.

We set up any new accounts and transition any funds that need to be moved. 

We do all of the hard work and keep you updated along the way.

Ongoing Relationship

As with achieving any goal its the ongoing coaching that leads to success.  Your finances are no different.  To achieve your goal we provide the best outcomes and value when we have an ongoing relationship with you and have regular check ins.  Each client and strategy is different so we have based our ongoing relationship packages based on how many times you need to see us and what reporting you need to keep you on track.  Our packages range in price and we have a number to choose from.  Our prices range from $1485 to $12,100 per annum.

FSG & Privacy Documents

Addicott Partners work hard to ensure they remain complaint.  We have provided our Financial Service Guide for you so you can access this anytime.  We keep this updated if information changes.   You will also find the Addicott Partners Privacy Statement and Complaints Processes  from our AFSL AD advisory Services.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions relating to these documents.

FSG - October 2021

Privacy Statement

General Complaints Process

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